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Track the time you spend on your projects
Start, pause, and switch tasks.

Set the task's rate and let Simple Task Timer do the math
Charge your customers a fixed amount or by the hour. Set the task to round the time spent to your convenience.

Create an invoice that looks professional
Include your logo and company information. Print it or save it in PDF format.
Bill the time not included on any invoice.

Categorize every task
Keep track of same type of tasks performed across different customers.

Powerful reporting tool
Know where your time goes, your most profitable task, your average hourly rate, and much more...

How it works

The Basics

Simple Task Timer is a small desktop application that helps you track the time you spend on your projects. Create a project, select a task and click on the start button. SimpleTaskTimer will count the time spent on the selected task until you click on the pause button or start another task.

Task Types

With Simple Task Timer you can classify every task involved in a project. Create a list of the common tasks you perform, such as Writing, Programming, Proof Reading, Design, Phone Call, etc.


Create a professional looking invoice with your logo, print it or save it as a PDF file.
Simple Task Timer invoicing tool, keeps track of the time billed and shows you only the time not billed.
Translate your invoice fields to match your languange or needs.
Keep track of paid and pending invoices

Reporting tool

The powerful reporting tool will show you how you spend your time at a glance.
Time & money by task type between dates: see what percentage of your time you spend on each task type, the amount billed by task type, and the average hourly rate by task type.
Time & Money by customer between dates: see what percentage of your time you spend on each customer, the amount billed by customer, and the average hourly rate by customer.


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For Windows XP, Vista, and 7

What customers say:

"I was impressed with Simple Task Timer. It is a powerful piece of software…"
Nick Daws - Author of over 80 books.

"Excellent reporting tool"
"... the reports show me not only where my time goes, but it also tell me where I am most profitable. Thanks! ..."

"Finally the software I was waiting for"
"... the way I spend my time is key to my business. Simple Task Timer is everything I wanted ..."

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